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Say hello to top-notch quality that offers a seamless and silent operation. The gear
motor features bearing semi-shells in die-cast aluminum and is equipped with an
adjustable mechanical stop to memorize the gate run.


True reliability. The electronics of the 24V D.C. operator can be equipped with an emergency battery back-up card (optional) which will be activated in the event of a blackout.

Improved electromechanical design. Axo is an electromechanical operator that maintains the CAME standard. It is designed for durability and dependability, even under severe climatic conditions.

Latest technology. The revolutionary double-threaded, worm screw and dust cover drastically reduces wear on the axle box.

♦  Gain total control of the gate from the transmitter Including the possibility of immediately stopping the movement of the gate leaves.
♦   Program the gate to partially open Ideal for all entrances that don’t have a specified pedestrian gate.
♦  Activate a system with safety-devices test, performed prior to each gate’s opening and closing cycle.

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