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Compact, Modern Solution for Residential Sliding Gates.

For leaves of up to 660lbs - 300 Kgs

The Bx-243 is the solution for automating medium sized sliding gates. Thanks to high levels of
efficiency and safety it is suited for numerous applications, for both residential and apartment
complex settings.

It features a 24V D.C. gear motor and provides a complete operator equipped with
encoder-based movement control and the horizontally-positioned control board.


When you choose the BX-243, you’ll get choice features:

♦  Signal LED. Built into the control board to provide easy diagnosis of all system functions.
♦  Simplified installation. Thanks to its connection to a tri-polar cable and the horizontally-positioned circuit board.
♦  Compact design is easily hidden.
♦  24V DC motor with soft stop moves up to a 25 ft. gate and 300kgs.
♦  Built-in end points. Protected within the gear motor assembly.
♦  Simple manual disconnect for emergency operation.
♦  Timer-to-Close automatically closes the gate after preset time.

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