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Came ATI Dependibility and Power

Sturdy, compact and dependable, it is the perfect automation device to operate swing gates of considerable size. It provides total power on every cycle. All the component parts have a precise function and maximum attention to detail is given, thus bringing together the essential and the aesthetic values of the device.

It also comes in the 24v version, to be used under intense duty conditions such as in condominiums, company facilities and collective environments in general.


When total comfort, performance and safety are needed, Ati's 24V technology elevates the potential to the highest standards, meaning:

♦ Controlled impact forces. Thanks to laboratory testing carried out on a door sample, versions A3204N and A5024N are European standard EN12445 and EN12453 compliant, in terms of impact forces.

♦ Blackouts no more. Ati's 24V electronics automatically detects any absence of power and immediately activates the emergency back-up batteries, to always open and close the gate (optional).

♦ Frequent passages. The low-voltage gearmotor guarantees functioning even in the harshest of working conditions, such as in apartment blocks and industrial facilities.

♦ Obstacle detection. A special electronic circuit constantly sweeps for any obstacles to the gate leaves, and if needed stops or inverts the direction of motion.

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