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Came BK Intelligent Automation

Safety and reliability, individually selectable automation system. Suitable for residential, factories, public buildings.

Up to 800-1200-1800-2200 Kg.

Bk provides the complete solution when gate automation is required in apartment blocks, industrial and collective access ways in general. The product range includes nine different versions to meet all and any applicative requirements. This includes a three-phase powered model for industrial facilities. Bk stands for cutting-edge technology when it comes to duty and safety, as required by Came standards.


In addition to standard control functions and safety, the controller includes features to increase control over the gate and to optimize it's function:

•  AUTOMATIC CODING between sender and receiver.

•  FLASHING LIGHTS during opening and closing.

•  TRAFFIC STOP GATE remote control

•  SECURITY GATES IMMOBILISED in the event the gate encounters an obstacle.

•  Connect LIGHTS illuminate the gateway environment.

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