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Frog Invisible Inground Solution

Came FROG is the most functional, desirable solution for any type of swing gate. It is the best way to automate a gate without altering its shape and design. In the CAME tradition the reduction gear is electromechanical, to ensure smooth precise and safe movement over time.

Frog is Came’s highly efficient operator that defies time thanks to the materials used in the foundation case and the gearmotor. A smooth, safe movement guaranteed in all working conditions, even the harshest, but which, above all needs no periodic maintenance


Easy to use:

•   Key operated unlock system, from both inside and out, easy to operate one handed.

•   Mechanical stops in opening & closing. Standard opening max. 110°, optional opening 180°.

•   These kits are for use in all domestic situations with all post sizes, used on both steel and closed boarded wooden gates.

•   Underground kits are the most popular and most common kits used for both trade and domestic aplications.

•   Capable of automating a pair of swing gates up to 3.5m / 11'5" each leaf.

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